NHKラジオ英会話 2019年4月分の暗唱例文







I changed trains at Shinjuku Station.
We are supposed to meet at Kichijoji.
It doesn’t stop at Kichijoji.
It’s tough to find someone among all these people.
I told her to meet me at Kichijoji Station.
Isn’t she the girl eating an ice cream over there?
I need to finish this report by 11:00.
I’m really sorry to bother you, but I have to tell you something.
I’ve been too busy to look at that recently.
I had a part~time job during the holidays.
My friends run a video production company.
They didn’t pay me much.
He gave me a talk about cats.
I’m sorry I couldn’t come to school yesterday.
He loves to take pictures of cats.
She got over the disappointment of losing the game.
I love singing karaoke with friends.
It wasn’t her fault that the team lost.
There’s no point crying over spirit milk.
I had just bought a coffee when this guy bumped into me.
What would I do without you?
I don’t have enough cash on me.
That was the most delicious dinner I’ve ever had.
I’m so happy you enjoyed it.