NHKニュースで英会話 SHINKANSEN MARKS 50 YEARS 「夢の超特急50年」










ニュースで英会話 夢の超特急50年

People in Japan are marking a milestone in rail history. It’s exactly 50 years since the maiden trip by a Shinkansen, or bullet train.
The train debuted on October 1st, 1964, just ahead of the Tokyo Summer Olympics. It set out from Tokyo bound for Osaka. To mark theanniversary, rail enthusiasts gathered at Tokyo Station. They watched a train depart from the same platform used for the landmark trip half a century ago, and people born in 1964 joined the celebration.
The Tokaido Shinkansen marked the start of high-speed rail in Japan. It cut travel time between Tokyo and Osaka from six-and-a-half hours to four. These days, it takes two and a half. The original route was 500 kilometers long. The network now extends the length of Japan, covering 2,600 kilometers.



0の記憶~夢の超特急0系新幹線・最後の記録~ ドキュメント&前面展望 [Blu-ray]
0の記憶~夢の超特急0系新幹線・最後の記録~ ドキュメント&前面展望 [Blu-ray]